Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Book Burning

So hot it's on fire!

Literally Bay Bee!

P4's recent shout out about an alleged Xian ministerial ministry flaming up K'Rans as a burnt offering on one of Great Satan's High Holy Days is super subtle beyond descript.

Consider - Americans do not fear books - of any kind - fun, free choice and occasionally common sense are in heavy play. Make your best case, lay it out to play it out - and if it works - yay! for you!

If not - no prob - re edit, rewrite and re release, essentially ppl are free to try again.

It is weirdly unAmerican to burn books - control freaks, creeps, jerks and tardists (in the classic sense as in limited intellectual and emotional development please) like NSDAPers, Collectivist NoKo and Cuba or chaotically rowdy freelance m'hammedists fear books and burn books - not Americans.

And, as best understood - it is also amazingly unXian to advocate book burnings. "...Whosoever will..." is the comte d'guerr ensembe of free choice, free will and free thinking - that xformed Europa (along with the ancient Roman Empire's interstate system, hooked up with Greek indivdualism) from a wilderness frontier to Western Civ's powerhouse of audacity that actually brought Great Satan into the world.

As Goethe (or maybe it was Batman) said, something something "where one burns books, ultimately they will burn people also..."

Pic "And I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you..."


Jpck20 said...

I agree 100%. Burning books is bad.


The minute they tell me we CAN'T burn the Koran?

Guess what's being used as kindling in my fireplace that very day?

Hubs Point said...

It should not be done, i protest against it. I hate people who wants to burn books..

Steve Harkonnen said...

I like the idea of burning our enemies instead of their books. too bad Petraeus isn't in on that idea. that's because he's too busy playing politician, where instead he should be working on killing off those dumb ROE's and doing away with "safeties" on fully automatic weapons.

Anonymous said...

It was Goethe

Adriane said...

Based on this logic, the Beatles should all be dead as several groups burned Beatles albums after John's "we're bigger than Jesus Christ" remark.

Ain't happened yet.

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