Monday, October 25, 2010

Arming Despotries

"...And now, we come to one of the dark places of the earth..."

As best understood, the au courant de rigueur ala Saudiland was created via a non Western way of war - a close run thing - way back in the last millennium.

The Original He Man Women Hater Kingdom ditched slave trading around 'Please Please Me' time - yet still maintains an obsolete DDR semi high tech type feel to it - fully crunk with fielding Fashion Posses, creepy Religious Police and assorted assortments of mutaweenie minions of intolerance to crush any sign of fun or free choice. 

Designer despotry bling, Saudiland is the mirror opposite of Great Satan in like a billion diff ways - not to put too fine a point on it - in any conceivable way.

Even letters "K," "T" and "X" are verboten like a crucifix in 7th Century M'hammedlander memes for fear an unfortunate may snatch a 1st person hook up with X Himself 

At a leisurely mentally lustful undressing sexercise, Saudi Arabia has precious little to offer aside from oiled up delicacies, future target sets and huddled masses of young ppl sweetly yearning to be free (average age of 24 and a lit rate of an underwhelming 78%).

Such a bastion of intolerance, hatred and a risible 'tardist illegit regime has enemies by the metric tonne - natch!

aQ's anti monarchy jank, peripheral probs in Yemen, Bahrain, the haunting spectre of a new clear Mullahopolis doing a Hiz'B'Allah manuever in Shia rich oil bearing turf and rowdy expats - all sweetly conspire to potentially ensure that House of Saud gets kaput sooner rather than later.

In the twisted nation/state view of the homegrown 'cunning' rulers and incompetent doofuses - the recent Saudi Bling Bling for Great Satan's designer hyper puissant weaponry is not about using F - 16's (ala Land of the Pure) to wage war on anti monarchists or foreign fed and led terrorists - it's all about maintaining control bay bee! 

As Dr GIII puts it -

“The real problems in the Middle East are about domestic politics, not about international relations. These weapons are not going to protect Saudi Arabia from the real threats it faces in the region - if there is one strategic reason to be in favor of this arms sale, it’s our leverage in a proliferation situation"

Whether new clear leverage is mythical or not - it is a shameful return to the ancient amoral, corrupt Cult of Stability avec Realpolitik and sucking up to despots horrid or benign. Congress has yet to approve the largest arms deal in history and ideally should laugh off any ideas of Saudi Bling Bling without a heavy dose democracy promo of Great Satan's chief export - political and egalitarian reforms - essentially reinforcing the regime killer democrazy idosity of reform or die.

Hey - it's your kingdom guys - keep it if you can!

Pic - "Who will win the battle for the hearts and minds of Muslim East Asia — the extremist Saudis or the materialistic Chinese?" with Miley


René O'Deay said...

I wouldn't get too nervous, bay-bees.
check out how the Arab Mind works and why they lose wars, while they Ghost Dance (Sword Dancing) to return to the 'glorious past.'