Friday, October 15, 2010

Victory Parade

Forward - March!

Iran's daytripper "...underscored the eroding position of pro-Western factions in Lebanon. More broadly, it has suggested that the competition over influence in Lebanon may be tipping toward Iran and its ally Syria, away from the United States and it Arab allies Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Amid chants of "Death to America!" and the obligitory oblique "Death to Little Satan" it was kinda funny to note that Persia President's BFF - Hiz'B'Allah's overtly robust girthy Body Part Collector General - was no where to be found - sweetly hiding away in an especial super secret lair somewhere else.

Much to be made by the 2nd meeting of crucial bits of the Axis of Evil's War Council - UN's Hariri Investigation most likely will blame Hiz'B'Allah as the delivery system for Syrian hegemony in bombing Lebanon's political cadre nigh out of existence and HbA's restocked rowdy rocket rich rejectionist status (new! Now with SCUD D bona fides!) is being flaunted as a forward division of Iran's Revolutionary Guard.


 "... Mr. Ahmadinejad's victory lap in Lebanon is therefore a sign that terrorism and radicalism are winning over freedom, democracy and humanity.

"...The radicals in Iran are continuing their human rights violations. They are killing Iranian men and women fighting for their freedom. They are arming Taliban and al Qaeda terrorists who are killing our soldiers in Afghanistan. They are training Shiite militias and arming them in Iraq. They are providing arms and training to Hamas. They are inciting uprisings in Bahrain and Yemen. They are forming alliances and expanding their terror network through Venezuela. They are doing the same in Eritrea, where soldiers, ballistic missiles, submarines and naval vessels have been deployed to Assab to threaten the shipping lines and facilitate the move of terror cells into other parts of that region.

"...Meanwhile, the West continues to provide legitimacy to terrorism and the terrorists' criminal activity by maintaining its policy of appeasement and negotiation.

"...The lesson is that as long as the West continues to move its lines in the sand and as long as we turn our back on our principles in an effort to negotiate a solution with the Islamic regime in Iran, the terrorists will become more emboldened in their mission of raising the flag of Islam in all corners of the world. 

"...If Mr. Ahmadinejad's photo op in Lebanon is not a wake-up call for Western leaders, then once Iran has its nuclear weapons ready, it will be too late to stop the ambitions of a government that truly believes in a new world order, one in which Israel will no longer exist and America will no longer be the superpower it once was.