Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Iraq Casualty Myth

An important article of faith among faithless Great Satan haters (that for decency's sake shall remain linkless) is that Operation Iraqi Freedom unleashed horrific new millennium warmaking on a hapless, helpless populace of a wonderfully despotic illegit Ba'Athist regime and gleefully slaughtered nigh unto a million innocent Iraqis.

Or is it 2 million? Or 500K? Or 250K?

Wikileaks latest chairborn drop of classified intell may actually help shed some truth. As best understood, Great Satan's fully crunk military generally inflicts 10 times the number of deaths she rec'v's - thus arguably capping off Iraqi deaths inflicted in open righteous combat at around 40K dead enemies -  courtesy of Great Satan.

If total casualties are at or around 109K - and the stats are as follows: 66,081 “civilians,” 23,984 “enemy” insurgents, 15,196 host Iraqi truppen, and 3,771 “friendly” (coalition) forces.  60% of the total are dead innocents

"...Who was responsible for the majority of the casualties in Iraq? America or her enemies?
How many of these deaths are attributable to Iran, which trained, armed and otherwise sponsored many of the bad actors who tried to tear Iraqi society apart?

"...WikiLeaks documents show that Iran was, and remains, a principal sponsor of Shia extremist groups in Iraq. These same groups helped bring Iraq to the brink of chaos -- along with al Qaeda, which was also happy to fuel the sectarian violence. We’ve known this for years and it should not be surprising. But for some it never sunk in..."

Before getting all hot and all Mookie or al Qods happy - consider that the original supervillans - Hiz'B'Allah - the most proficient killers and serial tormentors of Americans since Cold War time hooked up with certain elements in Iraq - killing Iraqi innocents in a pre Surge effort to xform Iraq into a Persian province, and targeting Great Satan's own dear sons and dots during Surge.

While the traitorous risible nom d'guerr'd Assange hat guy claimed he wanted to use Wikileaks to "crush" el bastardos aka free choice voltiguerres and their duly elected and selected civie oversighters, Wikileaks is actually endangering Americans - the only - the ultimate - humanitarians in dark scary war torn turf.

The truth is, such sad shameful efforty with American and innocent blood on cyber hands - has proved it's Great Satan's enemies in Taliban and Preacher Command in Tehran that revel in shedding innocent blood as a literally murderous operational methodology - actually desirous of dead innocents en masse.

And the awesome fore knowledge that Americans will not be too particularly concerned or interested in the fate of a foreign enemy emboldening agent of malevolent influence falling into Great Satan's righteous clutches.

Pic - "Nightcap at Dawn"  


J. said...

Well, hell, if it was only 100K civilian casualties, that's all right. Can't export democracy to The Gap without getting some blood on the bayonets... It's just the cost of business, yes?

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Actually the cost enemies of fun and free choice - the highest levels of Syria, Iran and various creepy nonstate actor outers - inflict in their control freak mentality. Blaming America for it is unconvincing, boring and incorrect.

Render said...

We already know that cost of leaving Saddam in power. So do the Kurds and Marsh Arabs.

We also know that the majority of those Iraqi civilian casualties came at the hands of al-Q and the Mahdi Army, who intentionally targeted civilians as a tactic and a strategy.

You're ok with that though, aren't you Siggie?


Anonymous said...

Saddam killed an average of 20,000 of his citizens every month. Considering the length of time we are talking about in this article it would appear that less iraqi civilians were killed in the war then would have been killed in the same period by Saddam. And of course if Saddam had not been deposed he would have killed another million by now.

Jpck20 said...

It's just the cost of business, yes?

Maybe you want to re-read what the actual numbers are of who killed whom.

Philwebservices said...

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