Monday, October 11, 2010

Hail Columbia!

Poor, poor, pitiful Sayyid Qutbah - the ancient spiritual poppa of m'Hammedist Imperialism au courant - stared way too long at laffy taffy - and totally missed out the total pic about Great Satan.

Great Satan's High Holy Columbus Day explains everything perfectly. 

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue way back in 1492.

This delightful ditty firmly places the date of the discovery of the New World into the minds of saavy kids everywhere in Great Satan.

Later on, CC get's dissed in crash courses for introducing alien concepts like slavery, STD's, baby Jesus and advanced weaponry to hapless, childlike human sacrificing races in places from South America all the way to Alaska.

What ev.

What was the motivation for CC to split sail from Europa and head west?


Find a short cut to India.

The real quiz is quite significant. Why?

After all, Europa was the centre of the world for the tech saavy Europeans - India's locale was well known since Alexander the Great's era and thanks to Prince Henry (the cat who put the 'gator' in navigator) sealanes and land routes could have sweetly hooked up to provide the fastest transport times circa 1500 anywhere on earth.

Check out a World map from 1500 AD and the answer is prett obvious.

Critical portions of any route to and from India were totally beseiged by totalitarian monarchies like the Ottomans, Safavid Persia and an unhealthy mix of sundry and "...various mohammedist states..."

Plus, a newly reconstituted Xian Spain had just fought an expensive, bloody reconquista against 7th century time traveling control freaks and all of Europa wanted to get as far away as possible from said jerks and creeps.

Amazing that the reason for the season of Columbus Day is traced back to probs that kicked off Great Satan's very 1st regime change and are facing the entire free world today.

Unfun, unfree and unhinged regimes built, cruelly maintained and by their very design expansionist feature intolerance, nonegalitarian and misery projection with all the trimmings like slavery, pitiful lit rates and of course - violence.

Detours allowing the avoidance of such 'tardist, backward civs were in high demand, thanks to Columbus - Europa turned her back on the faux, played league of failed states - and concentrated their efforts on the "New World"

Pic - "These weiners have got to go" from Angel's


maxx said...

I'm just surprised the Mopeeps haven't taken cred for Chris discovering the new world. Maybe O will have NASA give them the news.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Why, oh why, is this not part of basic training in 3rd grade Columbus Day stuff? Like, no one talks about this. Grrr.

Nygdan said...

Columbus, fwiw, wasn't merely looking to get around the islamic states, but he had hoped to establish an Alliance with the non-muslim Indians to fight against the muslims.