Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tough Love For Land Of The Pure

Of all the fakebelieve and real 'nation/states' created or re created since Imperial Nippon and NSDAP time Deutschland screamed "God! Please! Stop!" no one deviates or freestyles the fading Westphalian mix like the one of a kind Land of the Pure.

At the moment - Pakistan is teeter tottering on the 'frienemy ledge' - looking more and more like she's fixing to flip over - all the way over - into enemy stats.

K. Fair enough. 

Great Satans's hook up re dux with Pakistan is totally dyscrunctional- like a bad, bad 'lationship - think stripper and preacher - as one of Great Satan's smartest cats on the block sexplains and puts steel on target:

 "...During the Cold War the United States had an on again, off again relationship with Pakistan, hoping that a pious nation would counter communist influence. When the Cold War ended, America lost interest, her sensibilities put off by the political meddling of the Pakistani military, and Washington looked to democratic India instead.

"...Then came September 11. With the U.S. intervention in Afghanistan, Pakistan became a strategic ally once more. Taking a cue from the Bush administration, President Obama affords the creaky state the status of a proud and full-fledged partner in the war against Al Qaeda. In his December 2009 West Point speech, the president explained, "our security is at stake in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” adding that he was “committed to a partnership with Pakistan that is built on a foundation of mutual interest, mutual respect, and mutual trust." Seldom, however, have two nations so mutually dependent been so deeply and plainly incompatible.

Face it. Great Satan's only client new clear Army (blinging the fastest sprouting new clear arsenal on the planet) with a nation state attached is stalemating Great Satan's righteous mission in AFPAK.

"...Pakistan routinely impedes the ability of the United States to clear extremist sanctuaries even as it opts for inaction. As the United States has intensified its strikes at targets which Pakistan refuses to disturb, Islamabad has decided to shutter an important border crossing for NATO supply convoys headed into Afghanistan. 

"...And, by odd coincidence, the Pakistani Taliban proceeded to ignite NATO fuel tankers stuck on the same road. This is more than worrisome: Insurgencies with external sanctuary tend to be much more difficult to defeat than those without, perhaps impossibly so. Population security—the crown jewel of counterinsurgency—becomes a useless exercise when the enemy boasts a cross-border safe-haven.
Nuance is a very fine thing - natch - subtle even. As the 2nd Best Apologist for Realpolitik mistakenly mistook it was tough to find hawks re: Land of the Pure to "...essentially argue that Pakistan better start fearing the U.S. more than India." 

Au contraire mon frer!

The daemoneoconically delish were hawks and psychic!

If events conspire, Great Satan could bare her fangs:

Sweetly apportioning choice bits of FATA listic turf into Internat'l Rec'vership in a wonderful shrink the gap kinda way for starters. Face saving optional - with a thin veener of fun and friendly internat'l/NATOism to buddy up with Pakistan to storm the sanctuaries of aQ, LeT, Haqqi and Talibani in sovereign free sovereign real estate as a chaser. 

And not to put too fine a point on it - Great Satan often gets kinda crazy and unpredictable when she acts out

 Seizing all critical components of certain new clear weaponry at Wah Cantonment and surrounding airfields - including military and/or science staff found in especial, controlled environs. An overwhelming super secret strike to snatch new clear booty is actually an ancient Great Satan's tradition - Green Mountain Ranger units asymmetrically acquired enemy artillery at Ft Ticonderoga.

Pic - "Cold Start"


Anonymous said...

So, once they're for-real-and-for-sure enemies, does that mean we can finally go into Pakistan and get Bin Laden? Pleeeeeease?

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