Sunday, October 10, 2010



Thanks to Pulitzer Prizer "Best Defense" creator Tom Ricks, GsGf"s long time vertical envelopment charge d'affairs the famous Captain Burke of WoI fame nome d'guerr'd 'Starbuck' gets to headline at the Best Blog on Earth with a killer critique ala guerre' of Great Satan's  American Ceaser, 5 Star General - Mac5 - General Douglas MacArthur: 

"...Certainly, MacArthur was responsible for some colossal military blunders. His botched defense of the Philippines in 1941-2 and his irresponsible, headlong rush to the Yalu River during the Korean War are among the most epic failures in U.S. military history. Additionally, as Tom notes, MacArthur was openly defiant towards Presidents Hoover, Roosevelt, and Truman. 

True! Plus - "...considering he was a general for 26 years, was the Army chief of staff, received the Medal of Honor, fought in three wars and was a senior commander in two..." Mac5 is often regarded as a "...dead end..." in general Generalshippedness.

Nodobby's perfect!

Yet, Mac5 did have a majorly unappreciated effect in creating the modern world since he deployed daemoneoconically delish designer designs to create modern Nippon during Great Satan's occupation of Japan instantly proceeded by Great Satan's 1st and only (so far!) new clear regime change.

"This is democracy!" he exclaimed after the elections of 1947); basic civil liberties, including steps toward equality for women; the unionization of labor, despite his banning of a General Strike in January, 1947; land reform, which sought to "eliminate the feudal system of land tenure and remove obstacles to the redistribution of land"; and the Japanese Constitution itself, particularly Article 9 outlawing war and guarding against remilitarization. 

Being poppa to Nippon's sweet  rebirthing as a sec, sec, secular (secular), pacifistic egalitarian society worked out better than he tho't.

"...Even with all of these accomplishments, MacArthur's greatest disappointment may have been his failure to convert the Japanese masses to Xianity, despite his conviction that "true democracy can exist only on a spiritual foundation," and will "endure when it rests firmly on the Xian conception of the individual and society." 

Pic - "Operation Chromite!" with Patton fangrrl#1990