Friday, October 29, 2010

Persian Primer

Thank you sir! May I have another?

Quick quiz - what's better than Bud Lime Junior, Jäger, Amber Bock or Cloister Brau?

Oh - that's easy bay bee!

In the realm of the diplopolititary, hot gossip, verified intell and hot stick tongue sticky whispers are a close second - thus, hop on in the cool pool and make your brain way more bigger.

Great Satan's Peace Institute (war is just a hobby - nicht wahr?) has combined a massive combo with a killer combination on the wild wack world of Gay Free Persia's Preacher Command, impending imperial dominion and murderous terroristic chicanery penchants.

Nom d'guerr'd the Iran Primer - it's sure to yield several buzz catches.

Supreme Leader: Sadjadpour
Six Presidents: Bakhash
Parliament: Farhi
Judiciary: Ghaemi
Clergy: Khalaji
Iran's Islam: Cole
Iran's Democracy: Brumberg

Green Movement: Milani
Women: Esfandiari
Youth: Memarian/Nesvaderani
New Political Tools: Abdo

Revolutionary Guards: Nader
Basij Force: Alfoneh
Conventional MilitaryCordesman
Military Doctrine: Connell

Economy: Maloney
Oil Sector: Mohamedi
Oil & Gas Charts: Mohamedi
Subsidies: Nikou
The Bazaar: Harris

U.S. Sanctions: Clawson
U.N. Resolutions: Starr
Financial Sanctions: Levitt

U.S. Sanctions: Starr
Rights Sanctions: Wright
U.N. Resolutions: Starr
Robin Wright

The Iran Primer: Power, Politics and U.S. Policy

Nuclear Controversy
Nuclear Program: Albright/Stricker
Nuclear Politics: Chubin
Ballistic Missiles: Elleman
The IAEA: Adler

Policy Options
Reading Iran: Laipson
Engaging Iran: Dobbins
Diplomacy: DiMaggio
Containment: Pollack
Military Option: Zakheim
Iran & the Region
Iraq: Eisenstadt
Afghanistan: Milani
The Gulf: Molavi
Turkey: Barkey
Israel: Simon
Palestinians: Brandenburg
Syria: Goodarzi
Lebanon: Hokayem
China: Park
Russia: Katz
European Union: Posch
Other Allies: Heydemann

U.S. - Iran
Carter Presidency: Sick
Reagan Presidency: Kemp
Bush I Presidency: Haass
Clinton Presidency: Riedel
Bush II Presidency: Hadley
Obama Presidency: Limbert

People, Places and Events
Power Structure: Boroujerdi/ Rahimkhani
Political Elite: Boroujerdi/ Rahimkhani
Political Timeline: Nikou
Diplomatic Timeline: Nikou
Military Timeline: Nikou
Nuclear Timeline: Nikou
Nuclear sites: Nikou

Pic - “Supreme Leader"


Starbuck said...

Courtney, I've always wondered: how do you get these pictures? Do they just occur? Do you get your girlfriends to pose for them? How do you explain these to your friends?

courtneyme109 said...

Ah, the Wings over Iraq Interview teaser!

SPOILER ALERT "...rolling with an apolitical eclective collective of semi savvy epicureans often creates results ala objet d'art…”

Jpck20 said...

Thanks Starbuck I've wondered the same thing myself!

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