Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Steady As She Goes


Good thing Nippon and the world's largest collectivist nation state kinda sorta kissed and made up.

Consider this episode may get repeated in the not so far future, consummate with China's Slow and Steady navy growth and projection

"...In surface ships, the PLA Navy is still substantially smaller and less capable than the Japanese maritime force, never mind the US Navy. But here, the story is growth and modernisation. China has increased its destroyer and frigate fleet while retiring obsolete ships and introducing advanced new types.

"...In both surface ships and submarines, Callick's description of 'steady' growth applies. Although there have been major acquisitions of Russian ships and subs, the emphasis has been on small-scale domestic production. After a handful of units, there's a lull while the PLA Navy accumulates operational experience, which leads to new designs. 

"...From the outside, at least, it all looks very methodical — even the headline-grabbing purchase of a derelict Russian aircraft carrier has been followed by a painfully slow refurbishment effort.

"...Given its economic growth, China's naval modernisation over the last decade could have been much more spectacular.

Pic - "Break-neck modernisation marked by drunken splurges on foreign trophy weapons"


Winston said...

Dr. Robert Kagan has left the Carnegie institute. Just thought you should know. haha!