Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Casus Belli

Ironic irony!

"The archive will change public opinion and it will change the opinion of people in positions of political and diplomatic influence."
Dang sure did!

Casus belli via Iran has been bulked up on an intimate level. Forget Preacher Command's new clear deigns and designs, trash talking little Satan or low down despotry in the Twilight of Westphalia -

"...Reasonable people can of course differ on how to deal with the Iranian regime. But what is now beyond dispute is that it clearly sees itself as engaged in a war against the United States and those attempting to forge an independent and democratic Iraq.

 "...Iran has served as a veritable training camp for terrorists who use Iranian territory as a base from which to conduct deadly operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The regime's Quds Force, the external branch of the Revolutionary Guards that equips terrorists throughout the Middle East and allegedly even in Latin America, has trained Shi'ite militants from Iraq in the use of explosives and sniper rifles. 

"...Crucially, as the "Times" points out, this training continued after 44 publicly reached out to Iranian officials and reiterated his intention to withdraw American troops by the end of next year: "The attacks continued during Mr. Obama's first year in office, with no indication in the reports that the new administration’s policies led the Quds Force to end its support for Iraqi militants," says the "Times." "The pending American troop withdrawals, the reports asserted, may even have encouraged some militant attacks."

"... This latest document dump, as with the last, have been to reveal the true nature of Al-Qaeda and the Iranian regime, and to open a window into what the region will look like should their efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq prove successful.

Thank you Catherine Obvious! 

A hot! new study reveals Americans are increasingly resigned to removing the military option from the table and beating Iran with it!

"...Most Americans don't believe Iranian claims regarding the peaceful nature of its nuclear program. Most consider Iran unfriendly or an enemy of the US and think that a nuclear Iran would be a serious threat to the US.

 "...Americans increasingly understand that the regime in Iran must be confronted. Few believe that President Obama's strategy of engagement and negotiation with Iran will be successful. Indeed, over the past two years, a substantial majority of Americans have come to support the use of military force against Iran..."