Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Palestine Online

Of all the world's Arab League nation/states since Nakbah time - the most literate Arabs ever on the face of the earth (your choice - the rocket rich Strip or PLO school Fatah Bank) are magically located in Palestine.

Foreign Peace mongers often opine the two Palestines want peace with Little Satan - once and for all and the amazingly risible meme that Palestine is a cool partner to buddy up in pursuit of the forever quest. 

Prett safe to say Great Satan has - uh - misinterpreted - the double Palestines' in heat for peace phantasy.

Til now:

The daemoneoconically delish Foundation for Defense of Democracies "...culled thousands of Arabic language posts from search engines, unstructured social media sites, YouTube, Twitter, social networks, wikis, and RSS feeds.

"...Most Palestinians write under pseudonyms, enabling them to discuss controversial issues without fear of retribution. Admittedly, social media captures only the sentiments of literate Palestinians with access to computers and with passionate views. But it offers important insights nonetheless.

"...Here’s what we found: Although the Palestinian web landscape is not devoid of users with moderate to liberal views, it is dominated by radicalism. There is also little crossover between radical and liberal sites, indicating a lack of important debate.

"...Among radicalized users, a small but distinct group of Salafists (prevalent on sites like muslm.net and aljazeeratalk.net) view conflict with Little Satan as a religious duty, viewing jihad as the only answer. One alarming trend was the extent to which Hamas supporters engaged Salafists in dialogue to iron out their theological differences. If Hamas and these Taliban-like groups find common cause in Gaza, it would bode very poorly for peace.

"...To be sure, Hamas’s supporters were not monolithic about politics or Islam. But, drawing from Hamas’ most popular discussion sites, our research found that a majority of them continue to support violence against Israel. On this score, Hamas showed little disagreement with Salafists.

"...The data also confirmed what analysts already know about Fatah in the West Bank. Though it represents Palestinians in U.S.-led peace talks, Fatah is a faction in disarray. Politically, it lacks leadership. Ideologically, it lacks direction. Web users indicated this repeatedly on Fatah’s largest online forums: Voice of Palestine (palvoice.com) and Fatah Forum (fatehforums.com).

"....Our findings revealed that Fatah’s three-year conflict with Hamas (stemming from the violent Hamas coup in the Gaza Strip in 2007) is particularly harsh online. The two sides regularly traded barbs, and FDD found little evidence of rapprochement. Hamas supporters were more interested in reconciling with Salafists. Fatah supporters were more interested in decrying Hamas’ failures in Gaza.

Aside from the delightful tingly feeling sensation of being totally correct, the study concludingly concludes

"...Finally, our data showed that a majority of Palestinians do not support regional peace efforts. Palestinian internet users often derided diplomatic initiatives; discussion of peace talks was overwhelmingly negative. Thus, despite Washington’s efforts to win Palestinian hearts and minds, the social media environment suggests that they have little support for a new peace initiative."

Pic - "Nonprofit jawflapping, victimistic mentality hooked up with the shame and honor thing are no match for battlefield victories"


i said...

well said and also sad.

Nygdan said...

"If Hamas and these Taliban-like groups" and they're refering to Salafis?

I understand what they are trying to say ('salafists are badguys, taliban are bad-guys, therefore salafists are like the taliban), but they're not (and clearly just because someone is salafi doesn't make them bad. A ninja yes, but bad no).

The Taliban are not Salafists, they are Deobandi and there's supposed to be a bit of a strubble between Deobandi and Salafists, its really not a comparison a person should make. Its liek saying Catholics are basically Baptists because they're not Pentecostals; its gibberish and its a silly association.

Render said...

Yet HAMAS and al-Qaeda are but two of many Muslim Brotherhood groups.

Are other self-given labels even relevant?


Anonymous said...


Abulhawa destroys the liar and charlatan Dershowitz.

Anonymous said...


Abulhawa destroys Dershowitz.