Monday, October 18, 2010

Joint Targeting Cycle

Target destroyed! 

In the new millennium, as Great Satan continues to xform asymmetrical warfare into an art form - tons of off the hook tech help make the old school AD3 soooo au courant!

Assess, Decide, Detect and Deliver

"...What constitutes a target? Is it a motorized rifle company repositioning as part of a combined arms reserve, whose potential effect on the battlefield places it squarely on the brigade combat team (BCT) commander’s high-payoff target list? Could it be a dug-in infantry strongpoint, positioned in such a way that it can delay a much larger unit’s movement indefinitely along an axis of advance? 

"...Perhaps it is an improvised explosive device production cell operating among an otherwise passive local populace with a notable insurgent leader at its head, coordinating an effective, widespread campaign bent on fostering unrest and instability. Is it a single 60-mm mortar, mounted in the trunk of a sedan, occasionally firing a couple of rounds into an adjacent forward operating base and then quickly melting back into an indigenous population?

Lucky enough to score a heck yeah on any or all of the above?

 Congrats - that's a target bay bee!

Thanks to the aberrant, destructively self destructive attorney attitiudes and boring asseted handwringing of l'raison d'retarde' afflicted ala mode, doing target locks for "Drones Gone Wild!" essentially means AD3 gets all gussied up with 2 additional lawyer proofing layers

  “Joint Targeting Cycle and Collateral Damage Estimation Methodology”
* Identify the target.
* Determine if the target is a fully developed threat.
* Evaluate whether the intelligence supports the targeting.

*Consider whether eliminating the target would further US interests.

* Weigh domestic and international laws to determine what rules apply.

And saving the best for last

* Strike the target and analyze the results.

This is significant.

Totally gives the lie to faithless funk obssesed Great Satan hating.

The need to kill a treasonous traitor like Awalaki jumps to mind: 

"...The White House responds that the judicial branch cannot, should not, and must not interfere with the commander-in-chief’s ability to fight a war Congress has authorized..."

The old 'Dresden" hubba hubba is laughingly out of place at an incredibly exponential rate as Collateral Damage Control is coop'd and collated

 "...For example, the Predator and Reaper unmanned drones, which are most frequently used in these attacks, use Hellfire missiles, which have a much smaller range of collateral damage than the 500 lbs. “dumb” bombs used in earlier wars.  

"...These drones also use laser-guided explosives that can be guided with far greater precision than even those to great fanfare in the first Gulf war almost 20 years ago.

The left handed B slap/compliment is also quite delish - mainly because concerns for illicit or legit drone strikes magically sprouts up several killer quizes for diplopolititary memes Great Satan could and should have her way with.

"...The ACLU may consider targeted killings immoral, but is it more immoral than the widespread use of human shields by the Taliban? Than the targeting by al Qaeda of commercial airliners? Awlaki would deny everyone else the rights the ACLU claims he has. Meanwhile, 17 international troops were killed in the last month trying to protect the freedom of Afghanis.

"...If the ACLU is filing lawsuits on behalf of protecting US-born terrorists from targeted assassinations, why isn’t the ACLU filing lawsuits on behalf of American soldiers who have become corollary assassination targets while being handcuffed in fighting those who killed 3,000 Americans?