Tuesday, October 5, 2010


DJ Taleban! Ipso facto player!

"...Taliban has become adept at portraying the West as being on the brink of defeat, at exploiting rifts between Washington and Kabul and at disparaging the administration of President Hamid Karzai as a "puppet" state with little reach outside the capital..."

Fronting an incredible mix  in the au courant arena of PR - Taliban vibes are actually a remake remix from the suspect Afghanistan UnAssing Consortium, choice gossip from 44 @War and kindred creeps like Hiz'B'Allah and al Qaeda.

The "ooo" in new is that Taliban is swagger ("...multimillion-dollar, Pakistan based propaganda effort...") bout ruling, running and ruining the Stan after NATO and Great Satan splits the ao - including op eds by Mullah Omar on transparency vs corruption - and a new face towards girls status on the great day New Taliban Regime reclaims power, instead of the ancient cry 'bout 'occupation' .

Pic - "Now you expect Pakistan to pull out a magic wand and make all of this suddenly disappear? "


René O'Deay said...

and it ain't only there.
so-called eye-ranian dissidents keep pasteing their president's, supreme's, and former 12th imam's uglee pusses all over Facebook pages. and yelling in videos their 'allahu akhbar', claiming it means 'god is great' and that it is uniting them in their resistance.
I cry BS.
It means 'allhu is greatest' (greatest of what? idols?) and does not support anything but submission and slavery.
On the verge of reporting them all as spammers.
Course eye-ran is supporting the tali-bans too.
You girls are the freshest breath of air in the blogosphere.
Thank you.

Jpck20 said...

Well of course the Taliban is claiming victory. Obama has given a timeframe for pulling out of the country. I'm sure if FDR had told the world: We'll be coming home from Europe in Jan of 1945, Hitler would have been all over that one too. F'n idiots these Libs. Just hoping our drones can wax as many of them as possible before our timed departure.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I'm horribly behind in current events but my music's been getting in the way of that.

But didn't I hear somewhere they're wanting to post surrender terms?