Friday, October 8, 2010


Oh snap!

Of all the probs from Hello that confront 44's team of rivals, Land of the Pure is surely at the top of the list. Of all the most, uh, complicated issues of import, Great Satan's only client new clear army (with a nation/state attached) totally puts the PAK in AFPAK.

While 44's War often conjures nation/state nomenclature like - Afghanistan - all the cool kids knew eons ago that the Stan was about as good as it's gonna get unless certain elements are tended to in wild wack Waziristan (the yankee part

"...Every passing day, it seems to apply equally to the conflict in next-door Pakistan. U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas are escalating, partly in response to reports that al Qaeda-linked militants there might be planning terror attacks in Europe and the U.S. Afghanistan-based NATO helicopters also recently mounted an unusual cross-border raid, mowing down dozens of militants (and leaving Pakistan's government fuming about its violated sovereignty).

"...NATO and the U.S. have long invoked a "hot-pursuit" right, claiming that their forces will not end a chase of known combatants at the border. But by that reasoning, NATO and US forces could cross into Pakistan on a near-daily basis. Pakistan reacted angrily to the latest incursion, and on Thursday closed a border crossing into Afghanistan, choking off a key NATO supply route

Despite the fake apology that Nato and Great Satan 'issued' to Land of the Pure on behalf of dead Pakistani conscripts that fired on righteous skyborne killer teams, sweetly annihilating creeps that  needed killing, Land of the Pure is skirt flirting about reopening s'pply.

Sorry!  Maybe it'll never ever happen again.

Hot gossip shares hot deets that the Great Satan/Land of the Pure hookup is shakey bay bee.  

Pic - "Courtney, if they've actually moved heavy weight SAMs to the border, then they are now in a position to interdict all US air traffic from the Arabian Sea"


Peter said...

I wish I were real smart like those Washington, DC types. Then might understand how the Hell we let Pakistan, North Korea and, soon, Iran have nukes.

I'm just a pore dumb redneck but I never understood letting enemies arm up before they get around to attacking. It never works. We did it with Germany and Japan during the 1930s. It worked so well. Seems there ought to be craters, some glowing blue in the dark.

Ah, what do I know. The smart people think, I get to wait for those creeps to kill my grandchildren. Too bad I'm not smart.

Without Gun said...

Dude, anyone can have nukes. Warheads are easy. That's why Pak, India, NK and Israel have them. Long-range delivery systems, pref a MIRV, that's the hard part. The real hard part, because if you're a rogue state, you only get one chance to test them, and they better work perfectly. Better have a few thousand ready to go, too. Stanislav Petrov can tell you that from the time he saved the world in 1983.