Friday, October 1, 2010

The War Next Door

Cinco cinco jeffe jeffe!

Way back in the Days of Surge, Great Satan's own dear sons had to confront, confound and kill off horrific horrors perped out by aQ's time traveling creeps, control freaks and intolerant 7th century thinking.

Is the same MO getting deja vu'd all over again on Great Satan's south 40?

"...Today, the story repeats itself on our own doorstep. Mexico's war against drug and alien-smuggling cartels grows ever more similar to the horrors of Afghanistan and Iraq. Beheadings, stonings, car bombs and terrorist attacks speak to a lust for power every bit as implacable as that of the Afghanistan's Taliban or the insurgents of Iraq..."

"...Even with such a nearby threat, there are no U.S. crisis task forces or special envoys. The Northern Command hasn't been bolstered. The unbuilt border fence is one excuse after another, hostage to domestic and electoral politics.

Damage done so far by the Cartel Sinaloa to Juarez heralds dangers across the river to Great Satan.  

Great Satan can't disregard the sitch or the war forever. "...While there have been stirrings out of Washington about increasing support for Mexico, there has so far been no action.

"...Why the U.S. continues to put this threat to U.S. security and Mexico's stability on the back burner is hard to understand.

"...But if we don't help Mexico soon, we may find out Mexico's war has become ours, too

Pic - "El Surgio!"


Grouchy Historian said...

Actually, it's very easy to understand. By activating NORTHCOM, sealing the borders, and deploying troops to ensure the narco-terrorists stay out of El Paso, we would be oppressing the poor, illegal, oops undocumented, potential Democratic voters. Although, to be fair, the Republicans are shamelessly sucking up to them as well.
NO one in Washington wants to upset the Hispanic voter block, at least not before 2012.....or the first car bomb and beheading in Arizona...then Sheriff Joe will handle things....

Bartender Cabbie said...

Grouchy Historian is right on the money. It is past time to seal the border and let Mexicans fight it out. Personally I would be for annexation and crushing the cartels but I am a bit of an imperialist I fear.

Jpck20 said...

Nothing wrong with Imperialist aspirations Cabbie! In this age of the hug and kiss and lets all be buddies Liberals, it's a wonder we still have a country.