Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rise Of The New Janissaries


The old tricks are the best tricks!

As best understood
- way back in the last millennium - the world's very first semi functional  crunk and disorderly m'Hammedist Imperium deployed dhimmitude
to expand, impress, increase and maintain Automan autocratic conscripts to defend the realm and get all offensive on enemy frontiers as the 1st standing army since Roman times.

Eschewing the all volunteer concept - the Ottomans snatched up conquered Xian kids - boys really - though the first units sprang for POWs and slaves most likely from the tributary jirzya concept (kinda gives a new meaning to western foreign aid au courant, nicht war?) like the Sultan's traditional 20% cut of battlefield booty.

Trained and crafted to battalion sized units, later Napoleonically done up in corps, of various combat arms - sappers, archers and later musketeers - the Janissaries fought with various degrees of success and defeat for hundreds of years.

Now comes hot! gossip that Enemy Number One, is kinda sorta seeking a redux of sort - hoping for a malevolent dream to actualize - 'weiss deutsch' - pure blood Aryans - to debut the Rise of the New Janissaries.

"...  al Qaeda is achieving a long-time dream: to assemble a force of trained jihadis who hold Western passports. A Pakistani intelligence source, requesting anonymity to talk about sensitive matters, says a particular concern is the growing number of “white-skinned Germans” who have attended terrorist-training camps in the tribal areas and can pass unnoticed in the West. 

"...Amid recent revelations of Al Qaeda’s plans for coordinated, Mumbai-style attacks across Europe, a German police spokeswoman said recently that at least 70 people have traveled from that country to the tribal regions for training; four Germans were among a group of nine or 10 people killed last week by a U.S. drone strike on a jihadist hideout in North Waziristan.

Instead of ancient conscript conventional caliphate combat cadre like medieval times - the New Janissaries may be more like voltiguer caliphate commandos.

Pic - ''Active engagement, modern defence''


Bartender Cabbie said...

Interesting and imformative as usual. Not bad graphics also.

Jpck20 said...

Great Pic. I took a minute out of my busy day here at work *laugh* to stare ;)

Disturbing info but not surprising. Not all Muslims look like the skeevy fucks native to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and the like.