Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enemy Centric

Oh, it's on now bay bee!

For the casual observer - FOing events in and around AFPAK - it's a killer crunk kaleidoscope of discombobulated mayhem - and a cool reminder that in war time - Great Satan is crazy and unpredictable.

News that P4 chats up Iran in NATO's Roman 'Contact Group' brief about AFPAK and floating Texas Hold'em ideas like Taliban talking are a thin veneer for P4's shift from the protective population centric  - the sales pitch for Counter Insurgency Ops - to a kill insurgents repeatedly without restraint or modesty at every opportunity - enemy centric gig.

Using every tool in the shed - sortee'ing over 21K air missions - and as Great Satan unleashes her her most proficient all weather humanitarian killers of killers in world history for an all out Surge of "more killing and capturing "

"...The intended effect is the same: to apply pressure on the Taliban insurgents, disrupt their command-control networks, create fissures between the insurgents fighting in the field and their leaders across the border in Pakistan—to the point where many of them surrender or negotiate a reconciliation with the Afghan government."

P4's Master Plan is hot!  - with a heavy dosed up mix of being all fun and friendly to slitting enemy bunk mates throats in the middle of the night and unleashing the ferocious American Way of War 

"...Petraeus and his advisers have come up with an ingenious finesse for the July 2011 time problem. He is urging NATO to focus at its summit meeting in Lisbon next month on Karzai's proposed 2014 timetable for transfer to Afghan control. That has the welcome effect for Petraeus of adding three years to the clock -- and more credibility to his argument that the Taliban should get on board Karzai's reconciliation train.


And psychic.

As Great Satan's field grade Surge Expert and Combat Rock Star - highly decorated Major Few, editor of Small Wars Journal (he's also kinda hot) recently shared - hunching up on the enemy centric ain't 'xactley new news 

Pic - "Courtney, sometimes you got to give them the love, and sometimes you got to give them the hate."