Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Scratch One Flat Top!"

Oh snap! 44 @ War is taking nearly as many hits as the 131st "Maikop" Motor Rifle Brigade
suffered racing into downtown Grozny in the 1st Chechen war.

The 2 meter tall (Wookie sized) former NATO Commander, former Teufel Hunden Commandant/General - and now - former Nat'l Sec Advisor - splits the scene - gets fragged on his way out the door by Realpolitik's  best/worst (often the same - nicht war?) apologist:

  "The harshest and most telling critique of Gen. James Jones' tenure as national security adviser is that his absence will barely be noticed."

 Ouch! "Scratch one flat top!"

Def Sec Gate's casually mentioning that anti COIN and ex Fannie Mae Donlon  a kinda/sorta political hack as NSA would totally queer the mix beyond repair as a "complete disaster" has been all kissy kissy/ make up sexed.


"...For all his foreign-policy knowledge, Donilon doesn't understand the military, is often disrespectful toward top generals and Pentagon staffers, and makes snap judgments without considering all the options.."

Pic - "Don't fret - it could be worse" 


brad essex said...

that a great piece court 44 is so dumb that he would invade russia in winter.