Thursday, July 1, 2010

Arab League - Little Satan Military Balance 2010

Surprise! Arab League actually has militaries!

Oh, it's true bay bee! Major busts be busting out in the Arab-Little Satan military balance. These changes are parading about in a new hot! deet filled gossip piece unleashed by Center for Strategic and International Studies - amazingly enough nom d'guerr'd "The Arab/Little Satan Military Balance 2010"

Uh, why pit nearly two dozen Arab nation/states with several hundred million cats against a tiny tiny spot with like only maybe 7 million cats?

Just lucky!

Since Nakbah Day, Arab League militaries have declined to the point that it's quite possible an armored squad of M1 panzers crewed by strippers could - uh, penetrate - the Residential Presidential Palace of any of Arab League's 22 despotries with little effort and very few losses.

Let alone what a conscript army from a nation of smart people could do.

"...Major changes have not taken place in the conventional military balance. Syria’s conventional military capabilities have declined steadily due to a lack of arms imports, modernization of the Syrian force structure and training methods, and the steady politicization of Syrian forces.

OTOH, Little Satan has
"... benefited from Egyptian and Jordanian adherence to their peace treaties, the disappearance of Iraq as a potential source of outside military aid to the Arab forces, and the continuing weakness of Lebanon’s regular military forces.

This sexed up dossier also reflects that Little Satan has benefited enormously from mirroring Great Satan's fully crunk unbridled inquiry, egalitarianism and that Arab League Free penchant for periodic transparent elections.

"...benefits that are substantially greater than the dollar figures show because Israel is able to draw on the most advanced US military technology, often on preferential terms, and integrate into its own advanced military industrial base.

Learning the hard way not to field their own panzers, combat jets and conscript infantry against Little Satan in old school set piece battles or clanking flanking spanking, Arab militaries are moving to the asymmetrical methodology - rocket bases shielded with tons of innocent civilians (children are the best - nicht war?), plausible deniability with proxy militias and old school terror attacks.

"...At the same time, the balance is shifting in other ways. Iran, Syria, and non-state actors that deny Israel’s right to exist continue to pose a growing threat. Hiz'B'Allah has not only rearmed, it has acquired longer-range and more effective rockets, greatly improved its command and control capabilities, and has augmented the survivability of its power structure in Lebanon.

"...There are no reliable unclassified data to document these trends, but it is clear that they are taking place. The key question is how much influence Iran and/or Syria have over Hiz'B'Allah, and the extent to which it will either be a proxy or partner in threatening or attacking Israel at any serious level of irregular warfare. Hiz'B'Allah may be more interested in political power and continued autonomy in Lebanon than posing a serious threat to Israel.

The wild card money shots are those nasty WMD witchcraft wizardries

"...The wild card in this quiet race in weapons of mass destruction is biological warfare. All of the major states in the Middle East that affect the Arab-Israel balance are acquiring the technology and industrial base to produce advanced genetically engineered biological weapons.

"...Such capabilities may also be within the grasp of non-state actors in the mid-term. There are no meaningful control or inspection options to prevent this, and no prospect that any weapons of mass destruction free zone agreement could deal even with this aspect of the arms race in the region.

Pic "Arab regimes classify virtually everything vaguely military. Information is top secret in Arabic-speaking countries."