Sunday, July 11, 2010

Military Rule 2.0

Realists of the world - Rejoice!

Revel in the chance to reimpose the ancient, failed corrupt cult of stability - on a global scale!!!!

"...Call it military rule 2.0. And as a result, in many developing countries the military is more powerful than it has been in years. Thailand, where the military once seemed to have retreated to the barracks, now finds the armed forces playing a critical role in the current political standoff. In Pakistan, which also appeared headed toward democracy a decade ago, the military has returned to its role as the central power base.

"...From Mexico to Peru to Honduras, Latin America has over the past five years witnessed a weakening of civilian rule over the military, as the armed forces act with increasing impunity

"...It’s a dangerous kind of power. Armies can commit abuses virtually unpunished, dragging down developing democracies that seemed to be beyond the era of military influence. And, by presenting themselves as the only institutions with long-term stability — even as they simultaneously undermine that very stability — the new generation of military men undermine civilian leaders in another way:

"...They make themselves indispensable to foreign partners like the United States.

Pic - "When ordinary civilians suffer at the hands of repressive regimes, Great Satan and the West should not be embarrassed to substitute all manner of coercion for empty rhetoric'


Peter said...

Never wear a belt of M-60 ammo over bare skin. Trust me on this. It doesn't matter how hot it makes you look, after the first klick or so, when it starts rubbing through the first couple layers of skin...

Oddly, most of the places mentioned, the military is the most honest part of the government, even when the military ain't very honest.

D. said...

Democracy exercised by bigots and/or the uneducated is worse than military rule.

Who would Egypt vote for if there was an election today? Who did the Palis vote for?

Who did the Germans vote for in '32?

Come to think of it who did almost all the college kids vote for in '08 in places like Cambridgestan?

Fatal Woman said...

This is real camouflage suit! Enemies wont be able to resist :-)