Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Invincible Spirit"

"...Smoke drifts over a military airfield where explosions have blasted craters in the runways. Reports arrive one after another at the command office: The air assault fleet of Peoples Liberation Air Army has encountered enemy air defenses. Four helicopters have been destroyed and two pilots have bailed out.

"...The supply ship at the B naval port has been attacked by missiles and awaiting rescue, a
nd American stealth bombers have devastated 2 of People's Liberation Marines forward alert bases"

Just another day in class at the war simulation center of the Logistics Command Academy of the People’s Liberation Army.

Next up on the extra sextraliscious baby curriculum may very well be the joint military hook up betwixt Great Satan and SoKo getting scoped out by a concerned Collectivist China.

Starring USS George Washington and future air dominance combat jet F22, China isn't fooled by any faux Dear Leader NoKo knockout plots or Nipponese feel good stunts!

"This exercise will take place in the Yellow Sea, which is the entry point to China's house, and they obviously want to show off their military strength"

And to be fair - Red China has a point.

This Operation is nom d'guerr'd "Invincible Spirit"

“In all, over a hundred aircraft will fly in the event. Invincible Spirit will include a variety of training opportunites – flight operations from the carrier, there will be an air defense exercise, strike exercises and opportunities for passing exercises.”

“Anti-submarine warfare is also included in the exercise with both ROK and U.S. Navy ships and P-3 aircraft participating”

At the end of the exercise, there will be a counter special forces exercise. “These occur with some frequency in both the East and West Seas, conducted by the ROK and U.S. Navy.”

It may be closer to the truth to paint "Invincible Spirit" as a big part of Great Satan's "AirSea Battle" designer ops (pdf - hefty - yet perfect for the beach) designed by future cats at Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assesments.

AirSea Battle campaign has two stages. Stage 1, commencing with the outbreak of hostilities, comprises four distinct lines of operation:

  • Withstanding the initial attack and limiting damage to US and allied forces
    and bases;
  • Executing a blinding campaign against PLA battle networks;
  • Executing a suppression campaign against PLA long-range ISR and strike
  • Seizing and sustaining the initiative in the air, sea, space and cyber domains
The follow-on second stage would comprise various ops designed to support Great Satan's strategy by creating options to resolve a prolonged conventional conflict on favorable terms. Like:

  • Executing a protracted campaign that includes sustaining and exploiting the initiative in various domains;
  • Conducting “distant blockade” operations;
  • Sustaining operational logistics; and
  • Ramping up industrial production (especially precision-guided munitions).

"...All elements of an eventual AirSea Battle concept — irrespective of their origin — will require real-world experimentation and testing before being adopted.

And Operation Invincible Spirit may be a really cool start!

Pic - "PLA strike aircraft armed with landattack cruise missiles and other stand-off ordnance also represent a significant threat"


Peter said...

China has some pretty fair airplanes, their fighters, though, have pretty short legs.

Their Navy is third rate, their nuke submarines are really noisy, meaning they're sitting ducks for our subs.

Their Army is big. Their tanks had best outnumber the Abrams by a whole bunch if any are to survive.

The big question about China's military is not really a question of guns, tanks or airplanes. It is China's one child policy. I am curious as to exactly how China would be able to keep a lid on unrest if they got into a bloody war and many thousand families lost their only child and it looked as if many more would.

The last time China fought the United States was when they came in on Korea. They lost a million men. Can the regime stay in power through another bloody war? Under the one child policy?

Grouchy Historian said...

Withstanding the initial attack and limiting damage to US and allied forces
and bases;

That is the operative phrase. Since it is highly likely the Chinese will get to shoot first, the awesome USN and their ROK and JMSDF better hope they have plenty of SM-3 missiles to shoot down the WAVES of Chinese missiles sure to fly at Kadena, Guam, and whatever CVN is at sea. THEN we can mess them up with the awesome F-22, B-2 and lots of love from our SSGNs.

Oh, and we'd better hope the Japanese and Australians stand by us or things could get ugly.

Eric A'dammer said...

Courtney, IIRC, you posted once that the chicom military buildup was inspired by Rummy's intentions prior OEF to revamp the US Armed Forces into a nimbler fighting force &especially updating the Navy hardware.He was sidelined and they ran with it.
Peter, to quote Stalin "quantity is quality"& the chicoms are not above using their populace as cannonfodder as it solves the gender inbalance &the rural urban divide rather neatly. 2 birds,1 stone

Anonymous said...

People let's not forget about the 46 sailors who died in that vicious attack I think we all need to practice patience and understanding unless we want to lose more innocent lives honestly if the north korean government want to fight then they them selves should fight I feel like any government or politician that has no problem condeming our young kids to certain death should be the first ones on the front lines then well see how bad the war mongers really want to fight