Monday, July 19, 2010


Oh, it's true Bay Bee! When it comes to the oath breaking , terror loving totally Gay Free Republic of Preacher Command, the military option is sexing up sexponentially.


Attacking new clear assets and enrichment chicanery is often pixilated as

"... inevitably strengthening the Ahmadinejad clique and the Iranian regime against an external threat; inevitably failing to end the program; increasing Iranian bellicosity in the region and beyond; convincing the Iranian people we’re at war with them; reprisal attacks against U.S. and allied interests in the region and beyond; shattering the international coalition, including Russia and China, that signed on to sanctions because they were assured by Obama those sanctions weren’t a pretext for war.

"...There isn’t a single cost-benefit calculation where attacking Iran makes sense. Pretending otherwise is greater wishful thinking than placing faith in sanctions or diplomacy..."

Aside from the crazy parts about some kind of magical fakebelieve China/Russia hook up getting all shattered and boundless faith in non profit jawflapping, perhaps a more subtle point is being made.

Forget bunker bustering new clear sites - kill the regime at home and their internat'l terrorist assets abroad.

Maybe instead, Little Satan says the heck with it and acts out with a pre emptive preventive strike

"...Now imagine the ailing Khamenei is dead, the Guard Corps has several dozen nuclear devices in its “possession,” and the country is in some political chaos as power centers, within the clergy and the Corps, start competing against each other.

"... The whole political structure could collapse or the most radical could fight their way to the top—all parties trying to get their hands on the nukes. Since there is no longer a politburo in Iran to keep control (Khamenei gutted it when he downed his peers and competitors), this could get messy quickly.

"...There is only one thing that terrifies Washington’s foreign policy establishment more than the prospect of a Great Satan airstrike against Iran’s nuclear-weapons facilities: a Little Satan airstrike."

Pic - "In the past nine years, Iran has seen the regimes to the east and west of it terminated by large-scale military action by a superpower that has in the past implied that regime termination in Iran is also a desirable option."


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