Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Fall Of The House Of Saud

Arab League is way more weaker than being led around by the nose by Iran, Iranian proxies or rowdy repentant Ottomans. And not just in those suspect and/or failed and outclassed Arab military machines.

Instability spectates as a spector - Syria could go all the way - the other way, Iraq could unravel and (diplopolititary decorum prohibits mentioning the fakebelieve twin Palestines) now comes hot! gossip that Royal Wahabbi Arabia is as wobbly as dropping two xanex tovarish'd Stolichnaya and Ginger Ale.

"...Last month Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, a prominent dissident now in exile in Cairo, issued an open letter to his fellow royals, urging them to abandon their desert fiefdom for greener pastures.

"... According to the prince, the current social compact between the House of Saud and its subjects had become untenable, with the government no longer able to "impose" its writ on the people and growing grassroots discontent at the royals.

"..His advice? That King Abdullah and his coterie flee the Kingdom before they are overthrown--and before their opponents "cut off our heads in streets."

The Original He Man Women Hater Kingdom officially denied any chance of a regime change from the inside out as "...nonexistent and fabricated by enemy parties wishing to spread confusion and excitement.

Enemy parties like Preacher Command are keeping the story alive with literally killer quotes from the exiled (and since pardoned) Prince about Saudi Military rising up and hacking all 30K members of the fast growing Royal Family to death in the streets:

"No one will attack us from outside but our own armed forces will attack us and cut off our heads in streets."


The corrupt, intolerant duality of Royals and Preachers in a totally unfun unfree 7th century computerized police state has despotically detonated and "... gotten out of our hands interfering in people's private life and restricting their liberties."

This is significant

"...The prince's communiqué may have been long on hyperbole, but its admonition was apt. The domestic compact created over the past seven decades by the House of Saud is simply unsustainable in the long run.

"...And its dissolution, when it eventually happens, is likely to be ruinous for the Kingdom. Given America's deep and enduring reliance on Saudi crude, it could be devastating for us as well.

"...All of which makes a compelling case for serious thinking about the long-term viability of the Saudi state--and what the United States needs to do in order to prevent such a catastrophic collapse, or at least to manage it.

Pic - "There must be a change in the makeup of the current political elite which monopolizes the technocratic, bureaucratic, and security bodies"


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