Sunday, July 25, 2010

Self Inflicted

Quiz time! What is way more better than watching an enemy fall into a carefully designed trap?

Easy! Watching an enemy fall into a trap of their very own design!

Like the creepy overtly robust extra girthy rocket rich His Excellancy Body Part Collector General of Hiz'B'Allah - the mullah picked leader of the most proficient killers and serial tormentors of Americans from Cold War time til 911 time.

And beyond.

And, while it is uncool to mock the afflicted - it is deliciously delish to mock the self afflicted. Or Self inflicted - either is fine.

Hiz'B'Allah's freaky freak out about UN Investigative Tribunal re: the Hariri Multi Bombing campaign and assasinations means these control freak jerks are in a bind - of their own design.

"...What worries Hizballah is that, if indictments come, Hariri will declare that he does not believe the party’s leadership was involved in his father’s assassination, implying that those accused were rogue elements.

"...This would undermine Hizballah’s credibility, show that Nasrallah doesn’t control his own organization (let him then try to sell Hizballah as the vanguard of an effective national resistance), and make the party beholden to Hariri, but also, more generally, to Syria.

Oh Snap! Well, what can a stymied terrorist clique do?!

Not so much actually:

"...A new attack against western Beirut seems absurd. Nor can Hizballah attack the mountains, because Walid Jumblatt is now more or less on the party’s side. Destabilizing the government would also be difficult, unless Syria sees an interest in doing so to gain greater leverage over Hariri.

"...For Hizballah to bring down the government is much trickier. The Hariri government is, above all, the fruit of a Syrian-Saudi compromise. Hizballah doesn’t have the latitude to damage relations between Riyadh and Damascus.

"...There is not much Nasrallah can do, except rely on Syria to ensure that the party isn’t greatly weakened by the ensuing backlash that would follow eventual indictments.

"...The Syrians are as unenthusiastic about the tribunal as Nasrallah is, but being pragmatic they would use any legal accusation to enhance their power on the Lebanese scene, even at the expense of their Iranian and Hizbullah partners.

As best understood - the rowdy 'Resistance' movement (an official enemy on Great Satan's Enemies List) which seems better at resisting their own sovereign gov than any non Persia foreign invaders, may have been so utterly clever headed that they've outwitted themselves more than once this time.

Since Hiz'B'Allah is a glorified forward division of Iran's Praetorian Revolutionary Guard on Little Satan's North 40, gig number one is as a deterrent/response team to any Little Satan enrichment interruptus strikes.

And HBA is kinda successful on that gig - so far - rearming and prepping for any chance or opportunity to reach out and rocket up the ME or maybe even chuck a few V2 type SCUD D's if hot! gossip is correct. WMD warheads optional.

UN indictments would totally queer the mix bay bee - Hiz'B'Allah cannot maintain a "...readiness for war if it chooses to go on the offensive domestically in order to pressure Hariri and the government into denouncing the special tribunal.

"...Nasrallah would either have to opt for domestic instability, which would only divide the country, or avoid that path, so as to preserve some sort of united front against Little Satan.

Body Part Collector General can't do both!

Pic - “HizBAllah is not afraid of anything. Those who conspire against the Resistance and against Lebanon are the ones who should worry.”