Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Comrade Duch

Sweet! War Crimes Tribunal Time!

Khmer Rogue, under the chronically demented Pol Pot (what a name yo), feared secret enemies were hiding about everywhere. The regime even sanctioned killing people who wore glasses because they knew they could read.

One of the horrific places they stashed their own people for thorough, leisured torment was a prison called S-21.

And it was Commandanted by a cat nom de guerred "Comrade Duch."

Real life name Kaing Guek Eav is that rare breed of despotic actualizer - cats who 'actualize' the designer demonic desires despots deign. Think 3rd Reich's Ss Obergrüppenführer Theodor Eicke or Bosnian Serb Major General Radislav Krstic .

Comrade Duch was captured, imprisoned and just now sentenced to to 35 years in prison for the systematic death machining of 16,000 people.

Or, 11 hours for every life lost under his commadantery serving an ultra bolshevikish style regime that killed 1.7 million of their own citizens in 1975-79 in a mad attempt to create a Stalinesque Paradise in the power vacuum after Great Satan fled Viet Nam.

Rumor has it Comrade Duch became an Xian during his pre trial jail stint.

This is significant.

Comrade Duch and God will have a lot of stuff to talk about - hopefully sooner than later.

Pic - "To Destroy You Is No Loss" with VanessA


Old Rebel said...

The Khmer Rouge was pure evil. It's the best modern example of what happens when ideologues attempt to destroy a nation's traditional culture to achieve egalitarianism.

They even practised waterboarding. Good thing we live in a country where that sort of barbarism is banned.

J. said...

If only there had been a Champion of Democracy in the early 1970s to invade Cambodia and free those yearning for democracy from that tyrant...

I guess not every nation can be as fortunate as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Old Rebel said...


Yeah, lucky people! Karzai Confirms: NATO Killed 52 Civilians in Friday Attack

100,000 civilians killed and more than 4 million Iraqis are homeless refugees.

BTW, do you know how the Khmer Rouge came to power?

The Khmer Rouge took power after a U.S. bombing campaign during the Vietnam War stirred discontent in the countryside against General Lon Nol’s coup-installed government. Led by Pol Pot, the regime evacuated Phnom Penh to put people to work on farms and closed all schools, universities and monasteries. Money, markets and private property were abolished.

People don't like foreigners invading, no matter the excuse. Whoda thunk it?

KrAzY3 said...

You guys really take the bait huh?

Idiocy aside, that absurdly short sentence is one reason I'm a fan of the death penalty. He can get out in 16 years I believe.

courtneyme109 said...

Yeah. What a dang shame. The ghosts of Cambodia totally queering the AFPAK mix for the"Retreat at any cost" narrative.

courtneyme109 said...

Oh snap Old Rebel! Mullah Omar orders innocent children and women to be targeted for death in his very own move ala Pol Pot.

Old Rebel said...


Want to bet who's killed more innocents, the Taliban or the DC Empire?

KrAzY3 said...
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KrAzY3 said...

Clearly America is evil, look at what they did to the Maʻdān in Iraq. Their population was dispersed to the point that around .05% of it's original number remained. Oh wait, Saddam did that when he wasn't busy melting faces in the north.

As far as civilian deaths, who has killed more innocents in Afghanistan and Pakistan? The Taliban has been known to systematically target civilians, even to the point of using civilians they killed to stage scenes American bombs hit. Having followed the Taliban's activities since before 9/11 and having known people that were in Afghanistan, I can say with confidence the Taliban is without a doubt responsible for the deaths of a greater number of innocents in the region.