Monday, July 5, 2010

In It 2 Win It!

Totally hot! P4's Command Posse takes charge on Great Satan's Happy happy BDay and doubles down a killer commitment:

"We are in this to win"

Absoutely correct of course - and a vital dose of steel shanks to retreatists of all stripes - "Weenie Hut Juniors" style or grotesque misguided political hacks

The Astan will be difficult - true:

"...There have been setbacks and disappointments during this campaign, and adjustments will likely be necessary. These are inescapable in war. Success is not by any means inevitable. Enemies adapt and spoilers spoil. But both panic and despair are premature. The coalition has made significant military progress against the Taliban, and will make more progress as the last surge forces arrive in August..."

Yet, sticking to Great Satan's guns and insisting on an all out long term and short term to win - victory - should be the goal:

"...And although winning in Afghanistan would not by itself defeat Al Qaeda and associated terror movements, it would strike a hard blow against our enemies, while losing the war there would be cataclysmic:

"...It would strengthen our enemies and lead to the loss of many more innocent lives around the globe. Most importantly, despite the gloom that hovers over Washington discussions of Afghanistan policy, the war is still winnable, given the right decisions here, in Afghanistan itself and in Pakistan."

Next time anyone in your august presence gets all wobbly and starts weepingly inappropriate handwringing about the 'forever war,' consider serving up a stiff double shot of buck nekkid truth serum:

"There is no safe haven that al-Qaeda covets more than the border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan, which present a unique opportunity for our enemies and a threat to us. Situated in rugged terrain hundreds of miles from any coastline, with weak or nonexistent governance and security services, this region provides both a home to al-Qaeda and possible access to nuclear weapons.

"Our objective is to create an Afghanistan that can stand on its own, that ultimately is going to be able to secure its own territory, not provide a safe haven for terrorists, not drag down the security of the entire region, that that is still possible.

"It is going to take a long time.

Afghanistan is the New Gitmo - Great Satan didn't ask for it - or desire it - but she's got it. She will and she should have her way with it to her hearts content.

Pic - "Protecting those we are here to help nonetheless does require killing, capturing or turning the insurgents. We will not shrink from that."


J. said...

"Afghanistan is the New Gitmo - Great Satan didn't ask for it - or desire it - but she's got it."

Sorry, did you get that from Chairmeister Steele? Great Satan did actually ask to be thrown into tar baby Afghanistan, with great feavor and desire, and she certainly got it.

FWIW, I supported the Afghan invasion in 2001 but really, really wished the Great Satan would have been SMART ENOUGH to disengage in 2003, when it was possible.

Rob Taylor said...

We asked the Taliban to harbor Al-Qaeda after launching the worst attack on American soil in history?