Saturday, July 17, 2010

Asymmetrical Irony

Oh! The irony! The world's very first terrorist regime suffers blowback from - terrorists?!


Hold up though - Mullahopolis pins the chiz on the donkey's assets as strictly Great Satan's fault.

Long time player Larijani blames Great Satan for bringing back Jandallah from the grave for the old 'doubleback mofo' - fire off a tiny boom 1st, then when folks rush in to help - fire off a more bigger boom.

Land of the Pure gets some blame for being a semi nation state of residential terrorists and Wahabbi Arabia gets an honorable mention too.

Most likely just another front in the asymmetrical warfare zeroing in on Preacher Command

Pic 'Oh Snap - and my give a dang is inop"


Anonymous said...

You're applauding terrorist actions?

And America wonders why people think you're full of crap -- arrogance and double standards.

Anonymous said...

Young, attractive, female, and neo-conservative? I didn't think they existed! Stumbled onto your blog from another one I occasionally read. Awesome stuff. We should date.

YN2(SW) H. L. Gauthier III said...

The irony is priceless. But, the underlying message is unnerving. While I always like to see Iran get a bloody nose, this will only lead to greater instability in central Asia. Small groups will see the continued 'success' of suicide attacks and decide to use the tactic as well. This will only further cement the idea of 21st century jihad in the minds of Muslim youth.

Over all, this is not good news. It is disturbing. An entire generation in central/south western Asia largely ruined.

courtneyme109 said...

Oh, ease up A'mous - more like pointing out the irony.