Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Syrian Theory

"If all our problems were as easy as Syria - the War on Terror would have been won long ago." Essentially meaning as regime changing the living daylights out Syria's B'Athist ganksta nepotisitic terrorist loving illegit Allawite regime at the point of the world famous M16.

So far, 44's secular suck up with Dr General President for Life - the Lion of Syria - Bashar al Assad has been dangerously embarrassing - even making the world a way more dangerous place.

Despite hot gossip about hosting Iranian radar chicanery, rumors of xferring ownership of the V2 like SCUD D to a time traveling intolerant terrorist group with buckets of American blood on their hands, slave trading and abusing those precious magical Palestinians as a strategic resource - 44's outreach has been routinely offered, re offered and repeatedly dissed.

And the funintended consequences of 44's skirt flirt with a risible tarded quest like pursuing Bashar to pursue stability could result in a regime change all right - just the wrong regime change!

A theocratic terroristic take over of Syria!

"...If Assad were to work with the United States by promoting stability instead of terrorism, freelance jihadists all over the region would have every reason to bump him to the top of their to-do list.

"...A secular non-Muslim Arab government at peace with Israel and the West and an enemy of the “resistance” movements would make an obvious next stop for roaming insurgents.

"...That’s why Assad won’t likely ever do what Washington wants unless the region as a whole changes drastically or the United States threatens his survival more than the Islamists do

Oh Snap! So...44's fan club out reach to Syria (in the realist def of 'stability')actually could be the harbinger of instability?!


Enemies "...arguing for a jihad in Syria believe that they have hit the trifecta: In the Syrian regime, they have an enemy that is at once tyrannical, secular, and heretical.

"...If the jihadists are not a spent force, and if they choose to concentrate their efforts on Syria, then it stands to reason that the Syrian regime may face a very grave challenge to its survival.

"...The idea that a security regime can tether down the wild beast of jihadism misses the technological, financial, and recruiting innovations that have freed jihadists to a large extent from their past reliance on state sponsors. This newfound confidence accentuates the unwillingness of the “vanguard” to submit to any master beyond its revolutionary passions.

"...Of course, stability would hardly be served by allowing the jihadists to have their way. As brutal as the Assad government is, neither the world nor Syria would be better off with the jihadists in charge.

"...But it’s far from clear that support from Washington would make Assad more stable vis à vis the jihadists. The jihadists would likely understand U.S. engagement with Syria as an ironic twist of events: Rather than punishing the Syrians for enabling jihadists in Iraq, the Syrian regime would be propped up as a bulwark against jihadist expansion.

"...In this Faustian deal, the jihadists would undoubtedly smell weakness—both on the part of Assad and on the part of the Americans—not to mention opportunity to target another regime allied with the West.

Pic "The conditions of stability that we have been seeking for decades seem to have decreased in recent months until now… Peace opportunities in the Middle East are less compared to war opportunities''


Raedwulf said...

as I remember it his father brutally put down some discontent in the 80's. I am not sure this Assad has the stones to do the same.

J. said...

Yes, please, let's invade Syria before Assad decides to invade the Lesser Satan, something I worry about Every Day. And we might get a bonus gift in the form of tons of Iraqi chem-bio weapons that were smuggled out of Iraq in 2003, right before our Train of Liberty arrived.

But first we're going to have to free up about 250-300,000 American troops for democratizing work - oops, they're all occupied in other countries. Snark over, going back to work.

courtneyme109 said...

It may be offensive to the pre911 realist mindset or the accommodationist regressive progressives in the foreign policy bureaucracy, yet truth is – it’s high time to see if the talented nation of Syria cannot create leaders who have something else to offer their ppl besides tyranny, failure, conflict and police states. This does not mean trying to liberate with troops and build a magical Disneyland like society.

As CSIS’s recent “Little Satan/Arab League Military Balance” report shows – conventional Arabic military threats to Little Satan are nonexistent yet the WMD threat is bleeding hyper.

Regime changing Syria could be done easily and over a long weekend. Yes, yes, yes – someone much worse may indeed rise up. So what? Someone much worse will have literally tons of things to consider about modern statecraft, fiddling about with WMD, terrorists and the R2P Clause as they are shoveling over the still smoking craters of their former leaders for life and all their precious assets.

J. said...

"regressive progressives" - will have to mull that one over. Is that like two steps forward, one step back? That would put us at least one step ahead of the neocons though. Maybe more.

Render said...

This Assad has taken his father one step further - He's co-opted the discontenters to his own services.


500 tons of yellowcake. Snark that.


The CSIS study contains to glaring flaws.

1: It does not mention either Turkey or Saudi Araba.

2: It makes no mention of possible coalitions between anti-Israel nations and groups. It reviews each of nation seperately, in a vacuum.


That would be three steps back since you now share your talking points and your bed with Pat Buchanan and David Duke. Got condoms?