Sunday, July 18, 2010

F16's Fight Terror In Land Of The Pure

Whisko Tangtrot Foxkey?

Nuance is a very fine thing - subtle even - yet news that Madame Sec HRC's 2nd Land of the Pure Tour (note Her 1st one was anything but subtle!!) features blinging F16 Fighting Falcons for anti insurgency ops is unsubtle and silly.

The first brood - the latest version F-16 C/D Block 52 high tech combat jet flew into Pakistan yesterday at "...the newly developed PAF Base in Jacobabad"

Sky Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman dj'd the 'august ceremony' and said it's like a dream come true and F-16s already present in Pakistan helped a lot in anti-terror war.

"...The aircraft will be used for precision strikes against militant hide-outs in the country’s tribal regions straddling the border with Afghanistan.

What a hoot is the nuanced views of super m'hammedist PAK Security Think Tank Z'd Hamid ("Our organization is Pakistan, our identity is 'slam, and our constitution is the k'ran") - who hates those precise 'Drones Gone Wild!" yet, is super hot for Great Satan's F16's

“Alhamdulillah!! Another technological milestone achieved by Pakistan air force.”

Pic "People run for shelter when a Pakistani jet appears in the sky because of its indiscriminate firing"