Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Unmilitia

Unbehagen! In Nosferatu talk - right before victim xforms into vamp - always seems to be a realization that they are neither alive nor dead - they are instead - Undead.

Kinda like A Stan's brand new creation.

Surgin' General has outmaneuvered Afghanistan's top down tribal kleptocracy in 12 days of negotiations described as delicate (meaning P4 most likely sweetly pointed out how dang undelicate the sitch could get) and Pres Hamid agreed to risk creating militias that K'Bul may not be able to fully control with a weak central gov.

This is significant - after all if Great Satan is really going to hold to the unassing AFPAK date of next summer - then why bother?

P4's phat plot to hook up homegrown villagers into an Anti Taliban Defense Force is a subtle move.

The Unmilitia

“They would not be militias.These would be government-formed, government-paid, government-uniformed local police units who would keep any eye out for bad guys — in their neighborhoods, in their communities — and who would, in turn, work with the Afghan police forces and the Afghan Army, to keep them out of their towns.”

At the same incredible instant, Screaming Eagles are '...bringing the hate..." to Eastern AStan - forcing Taliban to commit fanboys, resources and game in an attempt to counter surge and are losing their assets at an alarming rate.

Ideally - the Afghans themselves would be doing this on their own. OTOH, an insurgency isn't about being cool and fun to be with. It's infiltration, intimidation and torment inflicted on the locals.

So far, Taliban (Quetta Shura Taliban, Haqqani Network, and Hizb-i Islami Gulbuddin) insurgents have killed tons of civilians and innocents in an effort to stymie fun and free choice - it's always a terrible error when ISOF or NATO do it.

“By contrast, we know that the Taliban are deliberately targeting civilians. And they are doing so at an increasingly high rate.”

The Unmilitia could change that.

Pic - "It's Time To Kill"


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