Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chaos Command

Spoiler Alert! Hot gossip from Strategic Forecast (the spy guys - not the guitar guys) 'splains a bit more about the leaderless cells of enemy creeps behind our lines and how they tend to act out causing grief, mayhem and misery.

"...These calls are part of a move toward a leaderless resistance model of jihadism that has accompanied the devolution of the jihadist threat from one based on al Qaeda the group to a broader threat based primarily on al Qaeda franchises and the wider jihadist movement. With this shift, more attacks such as the Times Square bombing attempt, the Fort Hood shooting and the June 1, 2009, Little Rock shootings can be anticipated.

"...When considering this concept of leaderless resistance and of using publications like Inspire to train aspiring jihadists, it is important to remember that this type of instruction has only a limited effectiveness and that there are many elements of terrorist tradecraft that cannot be learned by merely reading about them.

"...In other words, while the jihadist threat may be broadening in one way, it is also becoming less severe, because it is increasingly emanating from actors who do not possess the skill of professional terrorist operatives and who lack the ability to conduct complex and spectacular attacks.

Pic - "'Nshallah from Chaos Command"


Scott said...

JOhn Robb has an alternate view - that lessons learned and shared via "open source" reduce the learning curve...