Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sky Soldier!

Great Satan's 173rd Airborne Brigade is a Nat'l Treasure - a long history of going anywhere, anytime and doing anything they want. And those ultimate combat bona fides have been legendary as the Sky Soldiers themselves.

Now whispers hot sticky whispers that a Sky Soldier may be the 1st live recip'ent of the Congressional Medal of Honor since the Vietnam war!

"...Today is a great day.

"...Our generation, our wars, now have a living hero who will represent our collective valor. SSG Salvatore Giunta (gotta love that he is Italian, too) saved countless lives on a piece of miserable rock in Eastern Afghanistan. His squad was hit in an ambush, the point man had no chance and was gravely wounded.

"...As Taliban guerrillas began to drag this Airborne infantryman away, most likely to videotape his torture and grim execution, Giunta rushed them without considering the danger to himself.

"...Giunta dropped a magazine into two Taliban insurgents, killing one and wounding another.

"...What this means to a nation weary from almost nine long years of war is without words.

"...Congratulations to 44, Secretary Gates and most of all, SSG Giunta’s chain of command for recognizing not only the actions of a genuine hero, but the importance for these living heroes to walk amongst us displaying all that it is to sacrifice for freedom.

America is totally be proud of Staff Sergeant Giunta and we thank God Almighty for this living embodiment of service to something larger than self.

Pic "Sky Soldiers!"


Peter said...

Thank you to SSG Guinta.

I am surprised my fingers don't fall off saying something nice about the Army but, there it is. We used to have some grand bar fights, back in my day but that was the squabbles of brothers.

So, Semper Fi, pal.