Monday, July 12, 2010

Love You Too

Way back in the last millennium - when those naughty Beatles ruled the world - a wickedly clever rumor about Sir Paul's death gained conspiracy cult status.

When confronted by all the clues - Sir Paul allegedly laughed them off saying "Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

Can such Paperback Writering day tripper into diplopolititary discourse au courant?

All ya need is love!

Every few months another tome appears claiming the end - the demise - of Pax Satanicus Giganteus and how neoconism has totally played out.

Like this curious piece entitled "Neoconservatism: An Obituary." Another academic (yay - NOT!) weeps copious tears that those wild wack neocons are creating a self fulfilling vision:

"The neoconservative vision of a good America is one in which ordinary people work hard, read the Bible, go to church on Sunday, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, practice homespun virtue, sacrifice themselves to the 'common good', obey the commands of the government, fight wars, and die for the State."

Oh Snap!

Actually, the Paleoconfauxderates have pioneered that meme eons ago - most likely inspiring Dr T to wrought his magic free magic.

The amazing thing about the entire collective of anti Great Satan lit - all the way from Dorian Gray's ancient "Imperial Designs," al Qaeda's possible spiritual dark horse/strong horse enabler Dr Fred Kaplan's "Daydream Deceivers" and Danger Dad's (shout out to Noah!!) new book "40 Year War" is these cats are actually encouraging and strengthening the hot! sweet and stick stick sticky ideals and designs of daemoneoconservatism.

It's totally true. Any important quiz in current events and foreign affairs - the neo's consistently score big with American psyche because neoconism has the best - most correct - answers:


"...Many American and European proponents of a realist foreign policy embrace engaging adversaries, underlying such an approach to diplomacy too often is an assumption of their adversaries' sincerity. Neoconservatives harbor no such illusions and so seek to combine diplomacy with military power.

"...While neoconservatives are not trigger-happy, they do recognize that a strong defense can both deter would be aggressors and enhance diplomacy.

T - ism:

"...Neoconservatism also provides a better answer to the fight against terrorism than does realism. Too many U.S. and European officials and academics misunderstand terrorism. Terrorism is a tactic. Those who employ it make a cost-benefit calculation and conclude that they can gain political objectives through the murder of civilians.

"...When diplomats and academics ponder root causes and seek compromise and concession, they increase the benefit of terrorism and drive down relative costs. The Middle East provides myriad lessons as to how such conciliation backfires.

"...The threat of aerial bombardment and targeted assassination prove a greater disincentive to terrorists than international conferences and mini-bars at 5-star hotels.


It's true - lack of democrazy is the handmaiden for failure, rocket rich rejectionists, pitiful police states and the cause celeb of instability.

"...The representatives of dictators should not be toasted in the West, even if they are wealthy with oil. Diplomats and policymakers should not dismiss the notion that men and women around the globe are entitled to the benefits of democracy, despite the rejoicing of Iraqis, and the growing chorus of Iranians, Lebanese, and Palestinians demanding freedom.

"...For too long, European Commission officials, self-righteous non-governmental organizations, and self-described peace groups have subverted human-rights standards for narrow political agendas. They have done irreparable harm to those suffering at the hands of dictators and terrorists.

"...The cost of pretending that engagement with dictatorship is successful is often far higher than a broader strategy with transformative diplomacy at its core and democratization as its goal.

Critics of daemoneoconservatism have to learn to live and love with the happy fact that it provides cool things that realism or the progressive/paleoconic view cannot:

"...A remarkably effective vessel for an exceptional vision of American global dominance that has long transcended ideological and party borders. This goes a long way towards explaining its survival – and suggests it will be with us for quite a while.

Pic "For whatever reasons, Americans believe they know the truth - and will NOT admit alternate truths."

Aided and abetted by Dr D at AmPow, Dr M at WAJ and 'Winston' at SOM


J. said...

As much as the neocons protest that their philosophy does not entail imposing democracy by force, their statements and actions betray them.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Incorrect J - a common error though - like the dual loyalties meme

Tyranny has to be imposed - not democrazy.

As Dr C. Rice always says "The story today is not one of peoples resisting the basics of democracy --
the right to choose those who will govern them and other basic freedoms, instead it is of peoples enduring and resisting repressive regimes that offer no future."

Winston said...

Realism sucks

D. said...

The Rumors of my demise etc - was Mark Twain in the 19th...

You are right though, in that good ideas never die.