Thursday, July 22, 2010

5th Generational Warfare

Oh you know it player! When it comes to super secret spy girl and spy guy stuff - Great Satan got game!

WaPo's hot sticky tell all sheds light on the Industrial Intelligence Complex and may actually make a great case that " cat's duplication is another cat's competitive analysis..."

And all the dang duplicitous intell duplication failed online for finding faux femme fatale "Robin Sage" was fakebelieve:

"...Her connections on it included men working for the nation's most senior military officer, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and for one of the most secret government agencies of all, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which builds, launches and runs U.S. spy satellites.

"... Others included a senior intelligence official in the U.S. Marine Corps, the chief of staff for a U.S. congressman, and several senior executives at defense contractors, including Lockheed Martin Corp. and Northrop Grumman Corp. Almost all were seasoned security professionals.

"...But Robin Sage did not exist.

"...Her profile was a ruse set up by
security consultant Thomas Ryan as part of an effort to expose weaknesses in the nation's defense and intelligence communities - what Mr. Ryan calls "an independent 'red team' exercise."

Such an exercise could most likely be nom d'guerr'd as a harbinger of "5th Generational Warfare"

"...If traditional war centered on an enemy's physical strength, and 4GW on his moral strength, the 5th Generation of War would focus on his intellectual strength."

Whoa! Targeting enemy intelligentsia and their will to fight.

Pic "That's What Ya Get" with Hbomb Hayley

Especial shout outs: Adam at Rethinking Security and Lucien Gauthier


Anonymous said...

Thought you might like to see this:
Dan, Mark, and the gang have just put together the 5GW Handbook.
Still love your blog.