Thursday, July 8, 2010

Abu Mazen's Great Satan Tour 2010

Oh - it's true bay bee! The cat so cold as ice he be nom d'guerr'd twice is Fatah's Palestine West Bank Daddy Abu Mazen/M'moud Abbas.

Ruling avec fiat every since Comrade Papa Arafat made the haj to the perfumed gardens of paradise (close to Teufel Hunden BDay no less), Mazen/Abbas has certainly played a key role in the 'forever quest' for something something Palestine.

A key role in abdicating a leadership role is not much of a key to anything. As best understood, The PA Prez freaked when Little Satan Cast Lead (by the bucket load!) in the Strip and pretty much ground HAMAS' Izzy Deen al K'Ssam's hapless rocketeers to dust in an avalanche of Little and Great Satan munitions (supplied at whole sale prices) and refused the hot tongue kisses of the 'Proximity talks"

Thanks to Iran's influ with HAMAS, that wicked Little Satan building apartment buildings and Mazen/Abbas' lack of interest - the narrative of an ME Peace free ME has been in the hands of rocket rich rejectionists in Stripland and their rowdy foreign unconvincingly uninformed activist enablers.

And that's the rub!

The UN will never be able to deliver a Palestine:

Essentially, it doesn't really matter what Belgium, Turkey, Iran or Botswanna believe, desire or think about future Palestine.

It only matters what Great Satan believes! She alone has the cash, a fully crunk hopped up military killing machine sweetly loitering about the ME in various Arab nation states.

It's time for the Abu Mazen/M'moud Abbas Great Satan tour 2010!

"...Abbas needs to engage the American public directly. He needs to define his core message, which is simple: the Palestinian Authority supports the creation of two states, a land-for-land swap, the sharing of east Jerusalem and wants Israel to step up to the plate and recognize its role in the Palestinian refugee tragedy.

Tip to the road manager - scratch that last item from the set list - unless it's a throw away for comic relief - everyone knows the 'refugee' prob is entirely self inflicted

"...Abbas should hire a high powered public relations firm and stop pandering to the fanatics in the Arab world through the Arabic language media – a pandering that often undermines Palestinian rights because of contradictory pronouncements that confuse rather than enlighten public opinion, including in Israel.

"..And, more importantly, Abbas should recognize that the battle is not in the Gaza Strip but in the mind-set of the American public, where the future of Palestine, two states and Middle East peace will be decided.

Palestine's doubling dealing raison d'retarde' PR so far has totally sucked -selling one narative in 'Merican talk and a far diff version in Arabic - has been as effective as challenging M1 panzers with ancient T55's.

"...The problem with Abbas is most of what he does is conveyed to the world through the Arabic-language media, which has little or no impact on the American public. They’re not reading the Arabic media for positive news and only scour through the Arab world media to find evidence of terrorism and anti-American hatred.

"...There's plenty of that to be found"

The opening act for the Tour could be that catchy kids bop about bleeding to death for Palestine. Though the really creepy bit is that so gay looking guy crooning over the middle 8 - a total buzzkill - best hire some hot chicks for that.

Pic "Everything Does Not Suck..."


Rusty Walker said...

Right on target as usual, oh, Great Satan's Girlfriend! I visit here often, but rarely post a comment because one is compelled to be as entertaining as you are, and that is not within reach! Keep up the good work!