Monday, July 26, 2010


Often times it seems that Land of the Pure's nat'l motto could be "Hey ya'll! Watch this!"

Faithless Wikileaks only reinforces the idea that Pakistan is chock full of intolerant, double dealing infidelity.

Old news - all the cool kids knew eons ago that Land of the Pure's super secret ISI's sleight of hand favored Taliban to rule their 'Strategic Depth" until needed, and this classified intell doubtlessly fired up what later became known as 44's AFPAK Surge.

The leaks reveal that certain cats in Pakistan fear in their dark hearts Great Satan will win in AFPAK - and create an Afghanistan that can stand on its own, that ultimately is going to be able to secure its own territory, not provide a safe haven for terrorists, not drag down the security of the entire region.

It will be interesting to see if Great Satan dangles the recent aid package complete with cash and those cool counter insurgency weapons like F16's.

Pakistan totally freaked about last years aid package - maybe Great Satan should use Wikileaks to cause PAK military's ISI to freak while Great Satan considers watching bits of Land of the Pure fall into interna'l receivership.

Pic "Legerdemain"


René O'Deay said...

a kick in the pants to Pentagon and admin.
want to see wikileaks? try this link:

Winston said...

Hopefully they will catch these bastards and hang em high

Old Rebel said...


No -- the bastards are the ones who launched this insane and illegal war. They should be tried and punished.

The Wikileaks folks should get medals.

Anonymous said...


A treasonous racist secessionist speaks of "legality."

al-Qaeda launched this war.

Bradley Manning should be executed.

Anonymous said...

Different Anonymous here. More important, is that Britney in the pic, what does Legerdemain mean and why are you biting Lauren in the Hot! pic?

Curious minds want to know...

courtneyme109 said...

Thanks Rene'!

May be onto something there Winston, certainly seems treasonous.

Old Rebel - you continue to underwhelm with your curious affinity for any enemy of America.

A'mous - Thanks!

A'mous 2 - Well, yes it's Brit, Legerdemain is ancientspeak for 'sleight of hand' a term used in magic and coed driving and that pic is from "Strategic Liabilities." Just seemed appropriate at the time!

Old Rebel said...

Anonymous I,

Wouldn't a real racist cheer on the mass murder of brown people?

Old Rebel said...


Who's the enemy of America? I suggest it's those who lied us into unwinnable wars that have ruined our military and economy -- not to mention leading to the passage of unconstitutional assaults on the Bill of Rights.

courtneyme109 said...

Oh, we get it Old Rebel. In your bizzaro world view Al Qaeda, al Qods, al Sh’Bab, Beseejis, Confederacy, Einsatzgrüppen, Feyadeen, HAMAS, Haqqani Network, Hiz’B”Allah, Hiz’B’ Islami Gulbudden, Izzy deen al K’Ssam, JAM, KKK, Kamikazes, LeT, Mahi Army, Quetta Shura Talibani are all good.

Great Britain, Great Satan and Little Satan are all bad